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Film Distribution

Blue Pictures is a film distribution is a leading film distribution company located in West Africa. Blue Pictures Film Distribution has worked with mainstream studios like Walt Disney, Warner Bros, Fox Studios. Hence, together with our partners, brought to our territory for the first time, major box-office hits like Black Panther, Avatar, Harry Potter, Avengers, Star Wars, Lion King etc.

We also distributed some of Nollywood’s classic hits such as Phone Swap, Last Flight To Abuja, The Return of Jenifa, Fine Wine, The Perfect Picture: 10 Years Later etc. Blue Pictures Distribution is Home to Nollywood start up film makers, as we allocate several slots for newbies in the industry to showcase their talent. Our doors are open to distribution conversations across the globe.

Film Production

Blue Pictures Distribution, in the bid to tell her own stories, gave birth to a Production Company named ‘Blue Pictures Studio’ . After the successful run of GONE in the Nigerian cinema and Netflix We were confident that the name Blue Picture Studio have come to stay in the Nollywood industry space. we then went ahead to Produce and distributed the movie MONEY MISS ROAD with Obi Emelonye.

We are currently working on a new Production with Nollywood’s finest Producer and Director; Chris Odeh and Ramsey Noah, movie titled TOKUNBO, which promises to be a major hit in the coming year, in addition to this we also have many more productions lined up to release in the next couple of years our doors are open to more investors and partners for co-production.

Content Aggregation

Content Aggregation

Blue Pictures Film Distribution Company is a contractual aggregator for major streaming giants like NETFLIX and AMAZON. We also have a network of ancillary platforms and partner distribution companies in Europe and America

We have a catalog of premium Nollywood contents, categorized in various genre. We are more than ready to supply movies to any reputable platform around the world interested in buying our contents.

Training & Consultancy

Training, Public Speaking and private consultation has always been a part of our business. In the year 2023, We decided to embark on a series of industry trainings to ensure that we spread the knowledge we know about the industry to as many as possible. It is the frustration many filmmakers face with not finding fulfilment or success in the industry, including complaints from notable streamers that has lead to the birth of these series of trainings.

We are open to partnerships on Training as it is our passion to impact knowledge to as many as possible

Training and Consultancy

Why Work With UsWe optimize distribution channels to ensure your film reaches the right viewers.


1. Extensive Industry Experience

BluePictures Distribution brings over 2 decades of experience in film distribution, successfully distributing blockbuster Nollywood and Hollywood movies. Our expertise ensures the right exposure.


2. Strategic Global Outreach

We offer an extensive global reach, distributing films not only in Nigeria but also across international markets. Through strategic alliances & sub-distribution consultancy with major studios.


3. Tailored Distribution Solutions

We understand that each film is unique and requires a customized distribution approach. Our team works closely with filmmakers, providing personalized strategies to suit your film needs.

From 2017 to 2023, Blue Pictures set the pace in the industry and remained the number one theatrical gross revenue earner for international studios. We grew Walt Disney’s market share from 20% in 2017 to an impressive 40% in 2019, a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and success.

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